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Clare & Jess

a beautiful woodland wedding on the outskirts of Leeds…

We joined Clare and Jess for their wedding day from start to finish. Thorpe Park Spa Hotel in Leeds hosted the preparations for our brides. Applewood Weddings hosted the ceremony, food and evening celebrations with gorgeous woodlands and a fantastic teepee! With two brides and eight bridesmaids you can guess that this was a busy morning of makeup and hair 🙂  Everything went well though and the timings stayed fairly close! Between the giggles, the converse bridal footwear and the tears with family it was a really personal experience for the girls. The wedding photography and wedding video captured all the preparations with the arrival of Clare before the big downpour! Just as Clare was walking down the woodland aisle the heavens opened and all the guests managed to get into the teepee before the rain and hail and wind could spoil the day. The same couldn’t be said for Cim and me who ended up sneaking off to Tesco during the meal to buy some dry clothes :-). The short wet weather didn’t do anything to prevent an amazing day though and all the guests and family rallied together to titivate the venue again.

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