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Ash & Mel

London city for a modern day of wedding celebration…

Ash & Mel started their day together in the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London.  This is a listed building built in 1867 and boasts one of the most stunning staircases we have ever seen at a venue. Though the exterior looks more gothic meets imperialistic and is surrounded by the noisy streets you would expect, the interior is calm and offers beautiful shooting. Hair and makeup was completed in their room, overlooking the hustle and bustle of St Pancras station (which made for some interesting people watching). In a slight twist on convention the girls opted to have their portraits started before the marriage to take advantage of this incredible staircase.  The images speak to the renaissance style and opulence.

The formal ceremony took place at Islington Town Hall which allows the Council Committee Chambers to be used for the registry.  It is a beautifully light and airy space with classic English woodwork recognised instantly up and down the country for being the archetypal example of chambers throughout the land.  With two registrars who positively support the use of cameras during the service it was a wonderfully unrestricted experience. A surprise reading of song lyrics from one bride to another there was barley a dry eye in the house. Even unprepared for this, the wedding photography didn’t miss a trick and we successfully caught all the important moments without letting the little tears get in the way :-).

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