Newborn Photography

Harrogate newborn photography: professional studio with comfort and privacy for your newborn baby, family and you

Newborn photography is a once in a lifetime opportunity for parents and their child. You cannot recreate the same images at any other time. Your baby is so small, with such amazing detail in hands and feet, eyes and skin. A newborn photography shoot is generally considered to be within the first two weeks of baby being born. This is when they are small, sleepy and deliciously cute and we have the ability to take advantage of their deep sleep.


Below is information to help you prepare and understand what happens and what you need to do for your newborn photography shoot. Allow a good two hours for your session. It often doesnʼt take that long but every baby and every family is different and so working with you and getting to know your little one is important. We canʼt rush a Newborn photography session and everyone needs to feel relaxed. 

Our newborn photography studio is centrally heated with a private changing/ shower room, kitchen and breakfast bar area and comfy sofas to relax on. We are based on the first floor so there are some stairs for access. 




  • Up to 2 Hours Studio Time

  • All Your Edited Images 

  • Backdrop changes

  • Online Gallery

  • Clothing changes

  • Private Changing/Feeding 

  • Discounted Gallery Options

On arriving at the studio for your newborn photography shoot all we are going to ask you to do for a while is sit down and relax! It is important for us to have a chat with you and get little one used to the studio. We need to have a happy, milk drunk baby who wants to have a good, deep sleep. This can take a little while to achieve which is why we make sure no one is rushing or feeling any pressure for time. We want to get the best from your little one. 

  • Try to keep baby awake as long as possible on the morning of the session. I know thatʼs not easy but well worth trying! 

  • Try to hold back a feed until the shoot as this is a good way of getting them to settle into the studio environment and prepare them for sleep. 

  • Donʼt use any creams/lotions on the day of you shoot. A bath in the morning is fine but we donʼt want a shiny baby. 

  • Bring extra milk (if bottle fed) as the studio is warm and little one may drink more. 

  • Bring a couple of blankets from home as this will help settle little one with the smell and comfort. Even have a blanket with you in bed the night before. 

  • Bring a pacifier/dummy with you as even if you donʼt use them or arenʼt intending to use them this can help settle baby just before photos.